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Wood Borer

Wood borer are tiny beetles ranging from 2-7 mm also known as Powder post beetles. The life cycle consists of egg, larva, pupae and adult.

It is during the stage of larvae the wood is bored into, as a deep tunnel for the consumption of starch. The excreta of the organism falls like a fine yellowish talcum powder through pin head size tiny holes from the wood. They are able to turn the inside of a piece of wood into nothing more than a mass of powder.

Four important Woodborer families of order Coleoptera

  • Lyctidae.
  • Bostrichidae.
  • Anobiidae.
  • Cerambycidae.

Life span

1 to 5 years.

De-Woodborer Solutions

An oil base solution is injected in the holes created as result of damage caused by powder post beetles. The entire infested portion is then sprayed. This has to be followed once again after a fortnight.


  • Avoid buying wood which has pinholes and dust accumulation around it.
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